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Flowering Plant Pictures | Tropical Plant Photos

All these tropical plant photos of amazing garden pond flowers show, how fascinating water plants in your own garden or backyard pond might be. Water Lilies like still water. These flowering plant pictures present shades of their various colors. Floating tropical pond plants are the crowning of any water gardens. The left photo shows a White Nymphaea, a Water Lily like the image in the center, a tropical Red Nymphaea plant. Each single Water Garden Plant & Floating Pond Plant needs its appropriate place in your garden design. There are day blooming and night flowering plants that will enjoy you and enrich your water pond landscape. The right picture was taken when pond plant Pontedoria was in full bloom.

Water Lily Photo | Nymphea whiteWater Garden Plant | Nymphea redGarden Pond Plant | Pontedoria

The following pictures of flowering garden pond plants illustrate different stages of tropical Lotus flowers. The left image shows blossoms and leaves standing high above the water surface. The middle picture captured about several days after the water plant was flourishing. You can see the pits that you can plant again to increase your tropical lotus flowers. Some Water Garden Plants & Tropical Outdoor Plants are spreading out very fast, like e.g. the garden pond plant Eichhornia, also known as Water Hyacinth. But these gorgeous flowers enrich your garden landscape in such a great way, that you should not miss them. Just put some plants out of your pond from time to time, before the Water Hyacinth will cover the whole water surface. You might send us your pictures of tropical garden pond flowers or view more Plant Flower Photo | Aquatic Plant Pictures. We will consider, if we can publish your pond impressions on further pages with photos of garden landscapes with pictures of flowering and tropical plants.

Water Garden Plants | Lotus-FlowersWater Pond Plants | LotusGarden Pond Flowers | Eichhornia

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