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Tropical Outdoor Plants: Exotic Flair for any Water Garden

We are always fascinated by their exotic forms, their strong colours and their various smells:
Tropical flowering plants provide your garden pond with an exotic flair. That's reason enough to plant tropical outdoor plants in your water garden.

Waterlily: Water Garden Plant with tropical flair

Even if you have your garden pond not in the climatic zone of Lotus-flowers, there are still different kinds of tropical outdoor plants that will give you the feeling of exotic holidays and far latitudes, right in your own garden. Some water garden plants like tropical Water Lilies have a real chance to develop quite well in your garden pond during summertime. Many tropical plants cannot grow outdoor in our climate as luxuriant and full as in their domestic regions. But if you are prepared to pay additional attention and provide the necessary care, especially in less warm areas and during wintertime, several tropical plants will give you pleasure outdoor as well as inside. They will make amazing plants for your water garden.

Like many domestic reeds, for example, Papyrus makes a perfect water garden plant for shallows in your pond, especially near the banks. It is a good idea to be prepared for moving the Papyrus to a mild place in your living room or your greenhouse during the cold season. Put Papyrus, like all other sensitive tropical flowers, in big plant pots and integrate those in or near your garden pond as long you want to plant them outdoor.

This will help to limit a to luxuriant spread out and to move the plants inside for the upcoming cold seasons. Papyrus grows in shallow water and prefers a sunny place. If the tips turn brown, the atmosphere seems to be to dry. A lack of new steams indicate not enough light for this tropical plant.

Tropical Plant Care - A circumspect Care of Pond Plants

Lotus-Plants: Tropical Flowering Plants in your Garden Pond

Tropical water garden plants like Water Lilies that belong to the genus Nymphaea - ( the name goes back to the Greek goddess Nymph ) - are a great eye catcher in any garden pond, especially in a pond with goldfish or other ornamental fish.

It needs a circumspect care of pond plants to provide your tropical flowers the right care while they are outdoor. The leaves of this tropical Water Lilies are floating on the water, while some species hold their flowers above the water surface. Others have their flowers floating next to their foliage. Underwater these tropical plants mature berry-like fruits. Remove all faded foliage that uses to sink. This is very helpful for your water plants as well as for the quality of the water in your garden pond.

All species of tropical Water Lilies prefer still water. They may be day- or night-blooming, depending on the species. As long as you keep these water garden plants in big flowerpots inside your garden pond, you won't have much trouble when you need to move them to a warm location during a cold winter. Put several Water Lilies in your water garden and your fish will enjoy the place under the leaves that provide shadow and cover. With periodically, circumspect care you are able to create with these colourful, tropical water plants of the genus Nymphaea a real outdoor "Nymph-Garden".

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