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Garden Pond Care in Spring

Towards the end of winter you should get your garden pond off for a healthy start into spring. It's the right moment to start your Garden Pond Care in Spring when your pond fish end hibernation and appear more often under the water surface.

If you had stopped feeding your fish during winter season you should start now, as soon as temperatures stay constant above 50°F. If you were feeding special easily digestible winter food you should return to the normal fish food.

Garden Pond Care in Spring

Increase water quality for the next garden pond season by removing all leaves and dead foliage from your pond. Much easier than other Garden Pond Maintenance this pond care can simply be done with a rectangular fishnet. Also a mini vac or a big pond vacuum cleaner can be used for pond cleaning.

Increasing water circulation after Garden pond care in spring improves the water quality. To keep the biological balance in your pond, we suggest to exchange not more than two third of your pond water during pond maintenance in spring. This will help fish and plant life to accept the new water situation much faster.

Already a partial water exchange change your pond's ecological balance. Who needs to exchange water for pond cleaning or pond repairs, should proceed as we advice in the following paragraph.

Fill a big external water tank with your garden pond water and move your fish in there. This water tank should be positioned in the shade and secured on top with a fishnet, so your pond fish (especially your Koi) cannot jump out of the tank.

As soon as you caught all fish with a fish net out of the garden pond you can start your intensive garden pond care by removing all dead foliage and leaves. Don't  scrub to hard! Especially garden ponds built with flexible liners are sensitive to sharp pressure and you may end up with a cracked pond liner, what would extend your garden pond care in spring unnecessarily.

After all water garden cleaning and garden pond repair is done you refill your pond. Pay attention that no chemical residues stay in the water. Besides fresh water from the hose use also water from the water tank. With a de-chlorinator you can remove chlorine from the fresh water. Finally put back your fish in the filled and cleaned garden pond.

Pond Care in Spring | Garden Pond Plants

In spring your water pond plants grow green young shoots. That is the moment to pay special attention to your water garden plants during your garden pond care. Replant your water lilies in bigger plant baskets. Pond plants that have spread intensively should be divided. Add some fertilizer to the pond plants that is harmless to your ecological pond balance and re-pot most of your water garden plant. After your have finished your garden pond care in spring put all your pond plants be back to their adequate position in their plant zones. Keep enough distance between your plants to promote healthy and intensive growth in your water garden.

At last add floating garden pond plants like Hydrocleys, Eichhornia (Water-Hyacinth) or Anacharis, which are very helpful against exceed algae growth. Now, after their "hibernation", install your pond pump and garden pond filter in your pond. As soon as your technical pond equipment in working properly and circulating the water in your pond, your water garden is ready for summer and your garden pond care and pond cleaning in spring is mostly done.

Vital Pond Supply for your Garden Pond Care in Spring

Tools and Pond Supply for Pond Care

  • Fish net
  • Skimmer
  • Plant Baskets, Plant Pots
  • Thermometer
  • Pond Vacuum Cleaner
  • Anacharis, Eichhornia, Hydrocleys

Additional Pond Supply

  • Fish Food
  • Fertilizer for Garden Pond Plants
  • Gravel
  • Biological Clarifier
  • De-Chlorinator
Pond Care in Spring: Pond Cleaning
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