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Garden Pond do-it-yourself : How to build a Garden Pond

build your own Water Lily Pond

Do you enjoy having fish and water pond plants in your garden?
Do you have a few square meter of unused space in your garden, where you plan to built a small backyard pond?
So, you are searching for garden pond ideas to show you how to build your own pond by do-it-yourself?

Well, you found the right place. Here you will find various instructions about how to build your own pond, that will be an harmonic part of your garden landscape and will give your enough pleasure to relax and enjoy. What kind of garden pond would you like to build by yourself? Will it be a:

  • - plant pond with water lilies
  • - wild garden-biotope with indigenous reeds and frogs
  • - goldfish pond to relax and enjoy
  • - Japanese Koi pond with a rock garden
  • - complex garden landscape with fishpond and waterfall
  • - farm pond for carp or trout

You will see, with some basic planning in advance it is an easy-going adventure to build your own garden pond.

Here you will find garden pond ideas and information what to do and what you should not overlook to avoid unnecessary trouble after you finished building your "garden pond by do-it-yourself".

All you need to know to build your own Pond

You will find instructions how to choose the optimal water garden pond design & location for pond and what your have to consider about the daily sunlight. We will compare different kinds of building materials for your garden pond and we will explain some differences that should be considered while you build your garden pond with these various materials. We also explain the possibilities to extent your garden pond streams & water garden waterfalls. To guarantee a continuous healthy quality of the water in your pond you need to think about additional water filters and pond pumps with a capacity that's sufficient for your do-it-yourself garden pond.

After all building is done you will have to decide what kind of water pond plants you would like to get and how and where to plant them. Water plants play a main key role for the ecological balance in your garden pond. When you buy your water plants for your pond, please consider that kind and amount of the plants are as important as the size of your garden pond and your surrounding garden landscape. All should be balanced in an adequate way.

We also give you instruction in advance about the very important topic of accident prevention & retention pond safety. For sure you want to attract your family as well as all kinds of small animals, but we believe you don't want to set a trap with your new pond. All you need to know about "how to build your own pond" we will explain on the following pages. That means of course, too: all what's necessary to take care of garden pond and water plants, like:

  • avoid malfunction of garden pond pump & fish pond filter
  • periodical checks of the water in your pond, in a garden-biotope as well as in a goldfish pond
  • find plant-eating insects like worms, caterpillars and spiders
  • facilitate your garden work by using practical garden utilities
  • what to know about snow and ice on your garden pond and on your water lilies
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Garden Pond do-it-yourself | How to build a Garden Pond