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About us

About us: BuildYourOwnPond.biz

Experienced in all belongings around garden ponds and how to build your own backyard pond since 1996, we provide vital free suggestions for your aquatic garden. www.BuildYourOwnPond.biz started with just a small online guide. Today we provide information on various kinds of fishpond instructions, plant care advices, pond maintenance and product reviews. Feel free to contact our company with our contact form or mail direct to mail@buildyourownpond.biz.

BuildYourOwnPond.biz will continuously add more actual news to all main categories and provide serious advice for most do-it-yourself matters around building ecological water garden and how to care for pond life throughout the year.

We appreciate all useful suggestions, helpful comments or further tips as long as it concerns our garden pond company or any improvement of our free online guide. For further questions, please view our disclaimer and privacy terms.

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