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Accident Prevention Plan for Retention Pond Safety

It is retentive for your pond safety when you have considered an accident prevention plan in and around your water garden while designing your own pond. We all know the magical attraction of water. At the sea we start dreaming over waves towards the horizon. At the riverside our thoughts are taken away by the current and when we arrive at a clear mountain lake, it is the mirror of its surface, that catches our eyes.

As soon as children come to your garden pond, they get caught by the water's fascination immediately. For such situations for a natural accident prevention in and around your pond must be built.

When you design your garden pond you should keep in mind to fix the pond's banks, so that there are no slippery steps around. It turns out as a helpful accident prevention tip for your own garden work around the pond, to test all available building materials, that you plan to use for paved paths and steps to the pond or for borders to frame your garden pond.

For all of these areas you should use non-slippery materials, that provide you even under wet conditions a safe stand anywhere around your water garden.

Children will approach the water so close that they will be able to see fishes. Quite often they try to reach a fish with a little stick or other tools. (No need to worry about your fishes!) But it is a good precaution to have shallows near the banks. That's still enough for you fishes to move around, but it's as well a natural accident prevention of typical garden pond accidents with playing kids.

Garden Pond Safety: Accident Prevention near Water

To follow a further accident prevention tip you should prepare enough shallow exits around your garden pond. Shallow banks provide helpful pond safety for all kinds of little animals that have jumped (or fallen) into your pond.
With shallows you help them to find an easy way out of your "safe" garden pond.

Technical Pond Safety inside and outside the Water Garden

Pond Safety already starts when you build and design your garden pond. Don't choose an area of your garden that was recently heaped up and has an uncompressed soil until now. If the ground starts setting down after you've finished your pond's basin, such movements can cause cracks, especially if you used inflexible building materials. If you choose long-time compressed ground you will avoid such construction accidents.

Garden Pond Safety means "Accident Prevention outside and inside the Pond" !

Technical Pond Safety: Accident Prevention outside and inside the Pond

Also during the installation of all electronic devices and cables you should give a top priority to long-time accident prevention. Water and electricity don't combine with each other in a way that we prefer. Even, if you've build your own pond by "do-it-yourself", it is a good prevention tip to delegate all electric installations to a trained specialist. He will install special safety switches and unique electric safety features, that guarantees a secure installation in and around your garden pond. Trying to save money on this matter would be a mistake like a start into the wrong direction.

Fish Kill??? - "Pond Safety also for the Fish"

After safety instructions for men and children, garden animals and techniques, it is time to remind you as well, that you should guarantee the safety of an healthy surrounding to your fishes. With a plan of regular checks and analysis of your water quality you will keep an overview over consistence or changes of the water in your garden pond and you will prevent accidents like sudden fish kill. As well as in Outdoor Fish Pond & Water Garden Design pay special attention to new placed water plants or recently added new kinds of fish. Both are capable to change a long time usual biological balance of your garden pond.

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